SSI Enables 2014
SSI Enables 2014
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Dr Helen Bound
Head/Principal Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Learning, Institute for Adult Learning

Dr Helen Bound has a background in vocational training and education, having coordinated the Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education at the University of Tasmania. Her research work focuses on learning across a wide variety of contexts, including workplace learning, e-learning, professional learning and learning through collaborative activity. She has published on a range of topics including professional learning and development of continuing education/vocational teachers, workplace learning, generic skills, dialogical enquiry in online learning and the development of research instruments.

Dr Kerry Bissaker
Associate Dean (International), School of Education, Flinders University

Dr Kerry Bissaker holds the position of Associate Dean (International) in the School of Education in Flinders University. Her international work in Asia has resulted in two Australia Award Fellowship programmes and the establishment of sustained partnerships with universities, institutes and non-government organisations in Singapore, China, Indonesia and Nepal. The focus of her research is on effective learning processes for both students and teachers and in particular, the role of teachers' professional learning is developing schools as dynamic learning organisations. Her longitudinal doctoral research with the staff of the innovative Australian Science and Mathematics School generated an explanatory model of professional learning that can be used as a self-evaluation tool by other schools and learning organisations. Dr Bissaker has a strong interest in models of professional learning as relevant to organisation’s needs and aspirations. She is particularly interested in Communities of Practice (CoPs) and context-based action research. She was a leader of a CoP in her own institution and has supported a range of other CoP facilitators in their work, particularly through the Australian Government Quality Teacher Project.


Mrs Jeannie Ho
Director, Human Resource and Admin, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore

Mrs Jeannie Ho holds a Degree in Business Administration (Human Resources) from LaTrobe University, Melbourne, and a Masters in Social Science (Counselling) from the University of South Australia. She joined MINDS in 2000. In her 14 years there, she put in place a fully web-based e-HRIS system which includes online performance appraisals; talent management framework and Star Awards to identify and groom high potentials for leadership development. To enhance internal controls, she wrote the entire HR Manual, document SOPs of all HR processes, provided a simplified FAQ and reduced the number of staff queries and closely monitor manpower budgets. She also concluded several collective agreements and manages all industrial relation matters. As Board secretariat, she developed and implemented the whistle-blowing policy, drafted the Board Kit, and has been appointed as the Personal Data Protection Officer (PDP) to develop the PDP policy and data inventory map.

Ms Angeline Cheuk
Senior Manager, Corporate Development, Fei Yue Community Services

Ms Angeline Cheuk is the Senior Manager of Corporate Development department in Fei Yue Community Services. She has been with the organisation since 2004, and heads the department that oversees Fei Yue’s policies and strategies for quality control systems.

As the organisation’s Management Representative, Ms Cheuk has played an active role in renewing the organisation’s ISO 9001:2008 certification and in achieving the Business Excellence certification, including the Innovation Class certification. She is also an active Business Excellence assessor and has participated in the Business Excellence assessments of other organisations. stimulate • sustain • inspire